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Software Developer
Title:Software Developer
Location:Cary, NC
Racarie Software is a provider of innovative web software products for the Human Resource market.  We are looking for an individual to join our team as a full-time Software Developer for our flagship product, ApplicantStack.  ApplicantStack is a web-based application that is used by HR departments worldwide to advertise new job openings, collect online applications, and streamline their hiring process.  You are actually using ApplicantStack right now to view and apply to this job.
Racarie Software is based in Cary, North Carolina but all employees are 100% work from home.  We strongly believe in the competitive advantages of a virtual office (lower overhead, time shifting, less distractions) and the flexibility it provides to our employees.
Racarie Software is a small company of fewer than 10 employees, with all the advantages and disadvantages that entails.  We don’t currently provide corporate benefits like health insurance or 401k.  We do provide paid vacation time, work schedule flexibility, competitive salary, annual bonus, and equipment stipend (laptop, office equipment, etc).
We are looking for a software development generalist, not someone who wants to only write code 100% of the time.  ApplicantStack is a mature product with a very active customer base, so there are many non-development activities that need to be done.  Initially your primary tasks will include 1) provide end-user support, 2) perform customer-requested customizations, 3) write user help articles, and 4) fix bugs.  Over time as you learn the system you will likely be given direct responsibility on development of new features and future products.
Before you apply please ensure you have the following minimum qualifications.
  • BA/BS degree in a technical field (Computer Science, Engineering, etc)
  • At least 2 years experience developing web applications with a modern programming language (PHP, Java, Ruby, .NET, etc)
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills (English) and the ability to communicate effectively with non-technical people (i.e. users)
  • Home office or other private space in which to work, free from distractions
This opening is closed and is no longer accepting applications
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